Buenos Aires is a beautiful world capitol with a thriving cultural scene that easily rivals its European counterparts.

  • Stay at Cabello Square, where you can get a small studio in a decent neighborhood for $90/night.
  • Visit the stunning Recoleta Cemetery, but brace yourself for open tombs and dilapidated coffins. (We think we saw a bone in one of the graves!)
  • Grab a Fernet Branca and coke onstage at El Ateneo, a former theater transformed into a bookstore.
  • Enjoy a beer in the courtyard of San Telmo’s Gibraltar restaurant. Note: Buenos Aires bars are eerily empty until 1 a.m or so. On the flip side, generous happy hours run till 10 p.m. or later.
  • Stand on Evita’s balcony at the Casa Rosada. Addressing the crowd below in song is optional.
  • See Buenos Aires in its natural state at the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur plant and wildlife refuge.

Image thanks to JorgeRioBRAZIL. The Rio de la Plata looks a little Rio de Marron, no?

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