Grasshoppers from Al Andar in Mexico City



The description on was intriguing:

” Al Andar … a hip mezcalería on the first floor of a renovated tenement. Shots of potent mezcal come with a piquant chaser: orange slices dusted in ground grasshoppers.”

There were no English menus so we placed our order using hand gestures and feeble Spanish:

“Insectos….” (make hopping motion with hand across table) “… y naranjas…?”

(Tip: the correct word for ordering grasshoppers is “chapulines”.)

The waitress brought us a platter of dusted oranges surrounding a plate of toasted grasshoppers.

After a few shots of mezcal, I summoned up the courage to try one. It was squishy, sour, and surprisingly, not disgusting.

Watch me eat one:

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