San Francisco, CA from an airplane

I’ve witnessed two celebrity sightings in my life.

The first was in New York City. I was on a college networking/sightseeing trip. We were in the Garment District (maybe). All of a sudden a limo pulled up beside us, there was a flash of lights, and that guy who held the umbrella for Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Diddy, Sean Combs walked by.

The second sighting occurred in San Francisco. I wanted to see 826 Valencia, the children’s writing center run by Dave Eggers, one of my favorite authors.

We walk in and wouldn’t you know, there’s Dave Fricking Eggers standing behind the counter! I was too dumbstruck to do or say anything cool so I shuffled through some pamphlets by the door and immediately left.

Smooth. Real smooth.

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