Borobudor Buddhist Temple in Java, Indonesia

Jack Kornfield on flying home from Java, Indonesia after a visit to Borobudor, the largest Buddhist temple in the world:

Part of what’s so mysterious is to get on a plane…and fly halfway around the world and see when you get up pretty high…the edge of the curvature of the earth. This whole world goes by that took people – whether they walked initially out of Africa and across the steppes of Asia and the landbridge here, or even by steamer…years, or at least weeks and months, to travel – and there it is. Fifteen and twenty hours, and you’ve gone around most of the world. It’s so mysterious that we can do that on this globe. It’s magical. You’re in one part of the world – and it appears and there are all these things – and then you’re in another part of the world and other things appear and vanish.

Photo taken by Maya Diva. Other cool shots of Indonesia can be found on the Turning Indonesian blog.

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