SF to Paris in Two Minutes from Beep Show on Vimeo.

This is cool. Folks from the Beep Show photography studio shot more than 2,000 photos on an Air France flight between San Francisco, CA and Paris, France. The photos were taken roughly every two minutes to create the stop-motion video above.

Watching it made me want to travel. Bad. It also made me kinda tired. You know that dry-eyes-crampy-legs-get-me-off-this-thing-already feeling that sets in around hour 7 on an airplane? This video totally brought that on for me.

Video highlights:

  • There are some great shots of San Francisco around the 25-second mark. However, the photos of take-off and landing are computer models. The Beep Show kids know electronic devices are forbidden during those times. You don’t mess with the FAA, man.
  • 01:10 – Uhm, are those the northern lights? My mind is officially blown. Has anyone seen these on a plane ride before?
  • 01:27 – That’s a really freaky, devilish outline in the window.
  • Check out the shots of the camera set-up at the very end. While most people (me) would have used the extra seats to stretch out and catch some plane sleep, these guys decided to create an original and inspiring video. Overachievers.

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