Travel is hard on the body. Long flights, exotic foods and hard beds, not to mention an overload of new sounds and smells can wreak havoc on the body of even the most experienced nomad.

It’s important to take care of yourself while on the road. To bring a little balance to my trips, I practice the following two Tara Stiles yoga routines every morning.

In addition to stretching and toning the body, the poses in these routines are said to decrease anxiety, improve digestion and fight fatigue.

They take less than 10 minutes and can be done anywhere. No mat or equipment required.

The first video requires you to rest on your knees. If your apartment or hotel has hard floors just grab a shoe or a folded pair of jeans to make it more comfortable on your kneecaps.

What do you do to keep the body in sync while on the road?

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