new york city

I just returned from another inspiring trip to New York, NY to visit the boyfriend’s folks.

Since it’s winter and us Floridians aren’t unaccustomed to spending long amounts of time in sub-60-degree weather, we focused on indoor destinations for this trip. We saw Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night at the MOMA (larger than expected); rode Carsten Höller’s two-story slide at the New Museum (helmet required, it really spits you out); and saw the Maurizio Cattelan installation at the Guggenheim (pleasantly death obsessed).

To keep with the museum-y vibe we visited Art Bar, which has a giant reproduction of the Last Supper featuring Jim Morrison as Jesus, as well as a generous happy hour.

Cultured out, our last night was spent at Panna II, the tackiest Indian restaurant in the world. Bring your own bottle for a cheap meal under the glow of hundreds of chili pepper lights.

What’s your favorite New York City spot? I’m always taking recommendations for unique destinations.

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