Parque Mexico

Parque Mexico is a lush pocket of green in the middle of Mexico City.

Parque Mexico trampoline

Kids bounce on a trampoline set up in Parque Mexico.

Parque Mexico is a lush pocket of palms and jacaranda trees located smack dab in the middle of Mexico City’s Colonia Condesa. It’s trendy, accessible and one of the city’s few green spaces.

The park appeared extra lively on weekends, when bands, balloon vendors and brand mascots entertained the park’s families, dog walkers and strolling lovers.

Kids on roller skates wove through dogs playing fetch in the Lindbergh Open Air Theater. Babies bounced on trampolines. A man brought his pet iguana out for some sun.

I made the following video montage of what we saw during a late Sunday morning stroll through the park. That morning was easily one of the highlights of our trip.

I’ll give you five dollars (no, I won’t) if you can name the song the band is playing.

Parque Mexico statue

Parque Mexico’s iconic statue.

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