Nemrut Lake, Turkey from an airplane window.

Nemrut Lake, Turkey from an airplane window.

Joe Dodgshun shot this awesome photo of the Mt. Nemrut volcano in eastern Turkey while flying from New Zealand to Paris.

Mt. Nemrut formed about a million years ago after a particularly strong collision of the Arabian and Eurasion tectonic plates. Several thousand years later, another violent eruption caused the volcano’s top to collapse. The explosion created Lake Nemrut, the world’s second largest caldera lake. Because it’s fed by hot springs, the 460-foot-deep lake does not freeze in winter.

The now-dormant volcano, which last erupted in 1692, is named after the Mesopotamian King Nimrod.

Yes, there was a king named Nimrod. And he wasn’t an idiot like you might expect.

Until fairly recently, calling someone a “nimrod” meant you considered them a tyrant. That was reportedly changed by Bugs Bunny when he started sarcastically referring to Elmer Fudd as “Nimrod”. The insult took hold in pop culture and now the former tyrant king’s name is forever associated with imbeciles.

Thanks Bugs.

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