Osaka, Japan from an airplane window

Osaka, Japan from an airplane window. Photo by rangaku1976

In Japan they’re called parasite singles: adults who live at home and mooch off mom and dad’s hospitality well into their 30s. Japan reportedly has one of the highest rates of adult children living with their parents. Sixty percent of single Japanese men and 80 percent of women live at home, for a total of more than 10 million “parasite singles.”

While these so-called “parasites” dig their parents’ cooking, cleaning and rent-paying, they don’t appreciate the lack of privacy.

Enter the Japanese love hotel. These are rooms that can be rented by the hour, allowing Japanese couples a little time to, you know, talk. has a great post about love hotels. These lodgings are palaces of privacy, according to the article. Cars are parked underground and patrons’ license plates are kept hidden. There’s no reception staff. You just pick your room from a touch screen (and then wash your hands).

Amenities range from tanning beds and Jacuzzis, to rotating beds and ceiling mirrors. You can even rent a “party room.”

With nightly rates starting around $50, these rooms have not escaped the attention of budget travelers seeking an affordable room. But be careful. Once you leave, you have to pay to re-enter.

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