It’s Saturday night. You’re in Bogota. You’re sober.

Let’s get you a beer.

Fortunately you’re in the right place. Bogota has a great beer scene thanks to craft brewers who are revolutionizing Colombia’s palate. Until just 10 years ago, beer on tap was a novelty here and the only brews available were from Bavaria, a company that still dominates Colombia’s beer market.

You can read all about Bogota’s beer scene here.

In the meantime, let’s go get that beer I promised you.

Video: Exploring the Bogota beer scene

Come with me on a pub crawl through Bogota. Stops include:

Big thanks to Alex Owen, a partner at the Britannia Pub, and Alejandra Avendaño from the Bogota Beer Company. Both answered tons of emails in advance of our trip to help me find the city’s best stouts, porters, IPAs and pale ales.

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